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Government decisions to shut down most of the world economy with heavy restrictions on travel, lodging, retail, events, and restaurants to minimize the spread of COVID-19 have devastated most industry participants. It remains unclear how and when recovery will occur, but it will be uneven market-to-market and within asset classes. Meeting these challenges will require not just experience and innovation but well-earned reputations for integrity and honesty.

To meet the moment and better address our clients' needs, the principals of eXceed Hospitality Asset Advisors have teamed up with Dr. Donald W. Wise, founder of Turnbull Capital Group and his team of associates. The hotel industry needs liquidity to survive the dramatic reduction in travel and reposition with strength for the aftermath. We can help owners cover short and medium-term funding needs and improve operating plans where needed.

Use the professionals of eXceed Hospitality Asset Advisors for expert and strategic guidance whether you are an owner, lender, special servicer, or receiver, or are looking to make an investment into the industry.

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