• Supplemental services may include:
  • Appointment as receiver or asset manager
  • Interim and ongoing property management
  • Reorganization / restructuring
  • Food & Beverage Department restructuring
  • Branding / rebranding
  • Executive search
  • Property tax appeals

We look forward to developing relationships and serving clients by providing significant value add and risk mitigation for Owners, Lenders, Special Servicers, Receivers, and Attorneys.  Please contact us to schedule an exploratory discussion via teleconference or meeting.

The services we provide include: 

  • Financial review, operational review, benchmarking and diagnostics
  • Property condition assessment
  • Market potentials and hotel competitive position review
  • Development of “next steps” strategies for owners or lenders
  • Action plans to immediately reduce losses
  • Identification of opportunities to add value
  • Review of brand contribution
  • Evaluation of management performance

Your company may have a debt and/or equity interest in one or more hotels or resorts. In difficult economic times, falling occupancies and average room rates can exert heavy pressures on hotel and resort owners’ abilities to pay their debt service. To further complicate matters, as term loans become due, tighter underwriting standards and higher lender requirements often make it impossible for the full amount of a loan to be rolled over. 
Over the years, our group and affiliated companies have experienced multiple down cycles, have had “hands on” involvement with various complex issues involved, and are able to quickly and effectively deal with these challenges. 

We are available to assist owners and lenders who are already in trouble, as well as those who see clouds gathering on their horizons. Experts at asset management, operations, branding and marketing can help formulate the best strategies and assist with or direct their implementation. A host of specialized disciplines can be drawn upon as needed, depending on the hotel or resort situation. 
Our services extend to restaurants, clubs and spas as well.

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