•  Residence Operations and Budgets
  •  Financial Performance Analyses
  •  Condominium Structure Optimization
  •  Rental and Use Agreements
  •  Shared Facilities Agreements
  •  Securities Law  Compliance (via legal)
  •  Competitive /Market Analyses
  •  Sales & Marketing Effectiveness
  •  Management Contract Compliance
  •  Capital Expenditure Planning
  •  Risk Assessment/Mitigation

Mr. Bennett, a hotel and residential development manager specializing in mixed use development, government relations, condominiums, and condominium hotel structures, eXceed offers an integrated consideration of how residential style hotel units can boost the operational and financial assets of a hotel. Whether creating these units from existing units, converting residences to traditional hotel suites, or otherwise reformulating their relationship to increase the performance of a distressed asset, Mr. Bennett evaluates and facilitates legal matters, operational demands, sales opportunities, development options, and marketing opportunities. Mr. Bennett also effectively manages government relations, including approvals, due diligence assessments, local condominium document requirements, and public financing opportunities. 

hotel/residence integration

  •  Government Relations
  •  Regulatory Compliance
  •  Sales Methods and Restrictions
  •  Physical Property Review
  •  Brand and Operator Relations
  •  Licensing  Agreements and Coordination
  •  Due Diligence
  •  Transaction Agreements Negotiation
  •  HOA Meetings/Presentations
  •  Strategic Planning
  •  Mixed Use Alternatives Analysis

Examples of our Hotel/Residence Integration Services Include:

Operational, Legal, Governmental, Sales, & Marketing Considerations