Examples of our Asset Management Services Include:

asset management

  •  Highest & Best Use Analyses
  •  Contract Negotiation
  •  Performance Projections
  •  Valuation Modeling
  •  Hold/Sell Analyses
  •  Exit Strategy Development
  •  Marketing/Disposition Facilitation
  •  Monthly Operating Performance Report
  •  Strategic Asset Management Plan
  •  Quarterly Asset Management Reporting
  •  Quarterly Performance Metric Reports
  •  Owner Meetings/Presentations
  •  Investment Review Summary
  •  Industry Articles & Reports

A detailed property summary, an Executive Summary, SWOT Analysis, a report on the Competitive Landscape of the Lodging Market, Continuing Capital Investment Strategies, ROI, Alternate Use Opportunities, and Operations Strategies is provided to ensure the operations continue as designed.

To further assist all Stake-Holders with the implementation of the Strategic Plan, eXceed offers a complete range of services to focus on fostering close working relationships with owners and management teams that will continue to identify opportunities and ensure maximized performance.

  •  Operational Assessment
  •  Financial Performance Analyses
  •  Operator Reporting Best Practices
  •  Management Team Oversight
  •  Property Meetings/Calls
  •  Performance Benchmarking
  •  Competitive Analyses
  •  Sales & Marketing Effectiveness
  •  Management Contract Compliance
  •  Brand Relations
  •  Physical Property Review
  •  Capital Expenditure Planning
  •  Risk Assessment/Mitigation
  •  Strategic Planning