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Property Acquisition/Disposition

Property Acquisition

Seven ways we speed things along:

  • 7. Nationwide Resources
  • 6. Keep a Light "Footprint"
  • 5. Utilize the Latest in Technology
  • 4. Know when, and when not to, take a vacation
  • 3. Outstanding Negotiation Skills
  • 2. This One's Confidential
  • 1. ROI, ROI, ROI

A lasting partnership

Acquisition and Disposition processes involve many parties, each with their own agenda. Our abiltiy to provide ongoing guidance and support, with an unbiased objectivity towards client investment parameters, make us a key partner to ensure that ufolding realities follow a closely guarded vision.

Benefit from our Aquisition/Disposition services through a long term relationship with eXceed. We'll keep your goals always in sight:

  • Asset / Portfolio Acquisition Due Diligence
  • In depth Market Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Highest and Best Use Analysis
  • Planning and Development
  • Redevelopment of existing property
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Performance Projections
  • Valuation Modeling
  • Short/Mid/ Long Term sell Analysis
  • Marketing Disposition Facilitation
  • Financing Strategies
  • Exit Strategy Analysis

Get back on track. Stay on track.

Deals are made. People come and go. Priorties shift. Things take too long. One Asset weighs you down, while another is snatched up. Not to mention, the markets are changing fast and faster.

We operate with a tremendous sense of urgency. We understand that when a decision is made, a solid plan must be put into action, immediately.

If you are experiencing difficultiy in moving things along, let us step in and speed up the process. We'll see to it that current circumstances won't get in the way of progress.

Whether you need to lighten your portfolio, or build it up, give us a call right now. Not next Tuesday. Let's move!

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